Indian government’s handling of Twitter and Education policy

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When Twitter was manipulating content on their platform, very often allowing fake news against The Narenda Modi government to trend in a way that many would believe that is true, several people from the Right Wing questioned minister R S Prasad… and always asked why the Government was not taking any action. They even said that Nigerian government had more guts and that they banned Twitter in Nigeria.

Little would they realise that banning Twitter in India is what actually the Left leaning Twitter India management wanted…

If India had fallen into their trap, Twitter and the global left-commie media would have muddied global perception against Narendra Modi and also start an outrage against Modi in India.

Instead of doing what average minds do, the Modi govt did something brilliant: they amended the laws under which Social Media firms operate in India…

Until the start of 2021, these Social Media firms enjoyed the status as “intermediary” and any content posted on their platforms was not their responsibility.

The Government amended the laws, removed their intermediary status and made these platforms responsible for content on their websites…

Immediately Facebook, Google etc accepted to follow these rules: Twitter tried to defy these laws.

But, after repeated insistence by the Government, they finally accepted and finally realised that the tail never wags the dog, but it’s the other way…

Twitter was obliged to have an officer response to respond to notices that are sent. What happened in the next couple of weeks of this act was obvious:

Known Hindu hater Mohammed Zubair (@zoo_bear), who is also the co-founder of Alt News, that pretends to check on fake news, himself posted a fake video about some old muslim man in UP behind beaten up and beard set on fire by so-called Hindutva “goons”.

This incident actually happened: but it came to light that it was an interpersonal dispute among his own fellow muslim man! Based on complaints filed across the country, Twitter was forced to mark the tweet by @zoo_bear as ‘unverified’. Another prominent Hindu hater Saba Naqvi (@_sabanaqvi) also tweeted this fake news, but deleted it.

Then, noted Leftist Lawyer, Prashant Bhushan (@pbhushan1) tweeted his personal opinion…. on COVID vaccines, but thanks to the new rules, Twitter was compelled to mark this tweet as ‘misleading’. This has never happened before as he has been able to get away with lies and propaganda by Twitter for many years!

On 28-June-2021, a Twitter user noticed that on on the careers page of Twitter’s website, it had shown Jammu and Kashmir as separate entity and not within India’s boundaries!

After complaints, Twitter was forced to pull down that page. It didn’t end there: several users filed complaints against Twitter India for this gross misbehavious!

Today, there are several cases filed against Twitter in various places across India.

The fallout of this is seen the way employees of Twitter in India are quitting: the most notable one being Manish Maheshwari (@manishm), who changed his bio on @TwitterIndia. He even sought HC protection regarding the Loni incident. Not many people want to be responsible and to receive summons… …. from police stations, to respond to FIRs etc.

Many average-minded people still ask what is the use of the 303 seats given to the PM Modi govt, when it can’t ban Twitter,. But, there are many bright minds who know what Ravi Shankar Prasad has given them.

One such is Suresh Nellikai (@surnell), noted SM activist. He sent several notices to Twitter and based on his complaints, Twitter seems to be acting.

The pro-active contribution of BJP leader Vinit Goenka (@vinitgoenka) can never ever be ignored..
It was @vinitgoenka who first initiated several FIRs against @Twitter, when they failed to check Khalistani separatist voices on Twitter: it was he who made charges against Twitter that they are running their business in India using blood money from Khalistani elements..and @vinitgoenka did it with proof. He did this relentlessly with help of his able team which filed several FIRs across India.

What’s always important to note is that this Government is run by clever minds: of course with PM Narendra Modi at the helm, and it can always be trusted to never fail to expectations of the voters who gave them absolute back to back majority in the Parliament.

How can one miss that on 29-June-2021, they released a press note soliciting inputs from concerned citizens… for rewriting the Curriculum for school students, that will help balance what our children will learn in schools? They have now given you and me the opportunity to tell the Government what our children should learn in history.

No more of that……. false glorification of Moghuls or the fake freedom fighters: chance to include Vijayanagar Empire, Veer Shivaji, Chalukyas and also epics from the Mahabharata.

You think Prakash Javadekar doesn’t know what your kids should learn? Just don’t ignore that what these minds running the Government are upto: they have just made sure that the inputs that you and me will send them will form the basis on how they will create the perception to the opposing leftists that the curriculum is being modified… because of the public opinion that they solicited.

If you can’t appreciate this, remember what happened to Atal Behari Vajpayee, who had to face criticism and charges from Leftist historians that he was saffronizing education. Isn’t this such a brilliant move?

Remember what your 303 seats has helped you with: not just Ram Mandir; not just complete integration of Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh; not just CAA; not just ban on Triple Talaq. More to come, as the time goes by.

Till then, enjoy the power in your hands: You can now fight against fake news in Twitter and other Social Media.

You can also change the false history being taught.

If you think power was only to wield, and only to butter voters, then think again.

Ajay Acharya

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