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Six Years Passed After You Gave Me This Responsibility… I Would Like To Share Few Things On This Occasion..It Was a Thorns Throne When I Sworn in as PM. Previous Government in its 10 Years Tenure With Lot of Corruption and Scams.. Almost All Government Organisations Ran into Losses.. And Huge Foreign Debts Remained…
IRAN 48000 Crores
UAE 40000 Crores
Indian Fuel Companies 133000 Crores
Indian Airlines 58000 Crores
Indian Railways 22000 Crores
BSNL 1500 Crores
No Basic Weapons and Bullet Proof Jackets For Soldiers
Can’t Withstand for Even 4 Days If Has To Fight a War… Not Just This But Even Intelligence Was a Big Failure.. Can’t Guess When and Where Bombs Will Explode..

This Was The Situation When I Took Up…
My Prime Responsibility at That Time Was To Set Right All Systems…
It Was Indians Luck Fuel Rates Came Down in International Market…
All The Reduced Prices Has Not Benefited You… As It Was Taken By The Government.

In Spite of So Much Love on Me.. You Had a Little Anger On Me in This Regard.. I Know But Couldn’t Help.. Keeping Our Future Generations In Mind…
Previous Government’s Blunders Have Converted as Sins For Us.

Then.. When The Fuel Rates Were 120 Dollars.. They Sold Us For Rs 85..How is it possible ??
They Have Bought That Fuel in Debt.. Still They Have Not Increased The Prices To Avoid Public Anger..
This Way They Have Took Foreign Debts To 250000 Crores… For Which We Have To Pay 25000 Crores as Interest Every Year..

Our Country Went Into Huge Debts and We Were Told To Pay Debts To Get Fuel Without Interruption..
That Was The Reason Why The Taxes Has Been Collected On Fuel and Today I Can Proudly Tell You That We Have Cleared 250000 Crores Debt With Interest..
Railway Losses Has Been Cleared.. All The Projects Which Previous Goverments Kept Pending Were Completed.. Electrifying Of Bullet Train is Been Completed to Full.
18500 Villages Have Been Given Electricity.
5 Crores Free Gas Connections Have Been Given To The Poor.
Nearly 40 Thousand Kilometres New Roads Constructed.
150000 Crores Was Given To Youth as Mudra Loans.
Ayushman Bharat Was Launched With 150000 Crores For 50 Crore People.
All Latest and Updated Version Weapons and Bullet Proof Jackets Has Been Provided To Our Soldiers.

Where From This Money Came… It Was Your Sacrifice.. You are Part Of This All Through…

What if We Remove The Tax… Is it Not Possible To Clear Our Debts ? We Can Clear… But Indirectly We Have To Increase Taxes On All Things… Which May Be Burden On All 130 Crore People … This Way It Is On Only The Vehicle Owners..

Lastly One Thing…
As Head of Your Family What Will You Do With The Money You Got By Luck When Your Family is in Huge Debts..??
Will You Spend Recklessly ?
Will You Clear Debts ?
If Spent Recklessly What About The Future of Family ?
Will The Person Who Gave You Debt Keep Quite ?

Don’t Fall Into Gimmicks Of Opposition…

As A Patriotic Citizen Of This Country Please Join Hands In The Country’s Development..

These Opposition Are Always Election Minded Trying To Confuse People With False Propaganda Now & Then Whenever An Election Comes in Different States..


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