New Zealand website sells ‘charpai’ as ‘Vintage Indian Daybed’ for Rs 41,000

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A common Indian household item has been given a marketing spin by New Zealand retailer ANNABELLE’S, much to the amusement and ire of Indians on social media.

Pitching a ‘charpai’ or cot as a ‘vintage Indian daybed,’ the retailer has sought to market the product at an exponential cost. The charpai sold by the ANNABELLE’S is priced at $800.00 NZD, equivalent to roughly Rs 41,000. In the Indian market, a charpai can be found for as low as Rs 800.

The product may have been sourced from India itself, as per the website of ANNABELLE’S, which says it has procured handmade items from India, China, and Indonesia on trips.

This is not the first time Indian products have been sold at inflated prices to consumers.

In 2019, a British clothing brand faced flak for marketing traditional Indian Kurtis, without salwars, as “vintage, boho dresses”. Users criticised the promotional posts of the clothing and the pricing of the outfits. Each kameez was priced from 20 to 36 GBP or approximately Rs 1,775 to Rs 3,190 at that time. Following huge criticism, the website pulled the product down.

In fact, it is not just foreign brands who have been the target of social media ire for their over-priced products.

Recently, fashion designer Sabyasachi was trolled for his new collaboration with brand H&M. The designer, most famous for his luxurious and gorgeous designs, faced flak on social media over the prohibitive costs of the clothes, specially the saris. Many called the designs dull, comparing them to something their grandmothers would wear.

In another incident, fashion giant Gucci sold an Indian kurta for Rs 2.5 lakh recently, inviting mockery and disbelief from social media. The brand was once again in the news after a mother’s reaction to her daughter’s purchase of a Gucci belt worth Rs 35,000 went viral.

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