Pegasus Story- Sad reflection on Opposition Parties .

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Supreme Court removes the underwear of opposition in Pegasus case! There is no proof that there was a spy!

Pegasus is a daydream for opponents. Those who were hitting the air in the Rafael case are the masterminds of Pegasus Theory in this case.

Supreme Court asks petitioners in court..

◾ Supreme Court: If Pegasus is real; it must come out. Do you think a spy is happening? So do you have any proof of that?
◾ Petitioner: Editor of ‘The Hindu’ newspaper N Ram said California court has said; some journalists and editors in India were spied by Pegasus.

◾ Supreme Court: If you have evidence in this context, submit it to us.
◾ Kapil Sibal: The Hindu editor N Ram’s lawyer Kapil Sibal said to Supreme Court, ′′ We don’t have evidence “!

◾ Supreme Court: On Kapil Sibal’s reply, Supreme Court stated Kapil Siblings. You don’t have evidence, ′′ This is your statement baseless “!
◾ Kapil Sibal: On this, Kapil Sibal told the court that you should order the government to inquire!

◾ Supreme Court: Once again Supreme Court burns Sibal’s ear. Supreme Court again asked Sibal, ′′ Who did you spy? Give this information to the court!
◾ Kapil Sibal: Kapil Sibal, who always fell on his face in the Supreme Court, again told the Supreme Court, ′′ We don’t have evidence, you order the inquiry!

◾ Supreme Court: We will not order such inquiry! Only when you submit the evidence to the court, the inquiry will be ordered! Bring concrete evidence to the court on August 10, then it will be decided!

Matter Adjourn!

The veil of the opposition, which was firing in the air, creating an environment, betraying the parliament, and holding the whole country, was torn again.

The way they wasted the court’s time in the Rafale case, at last, there was a scam in Rafale; they could not provide any proof in the court. That’s what they’re doing in Pegasus now.

California court cited, but could not provide any evidence regarding it. Opposition is deliberately trying to destabilise the NATION,

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