Q:What is Vedic Dharm then?Isn’t it following the 4 Vedas blindly just as Muslims follow each letter of Quran and Christians follow each letter of Bible?

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A: No. Because you should understand that the very word ‘Veda’ is derrived from the root word ‘Vid’ which means pure/true knowledge. Thus Vedas are no set of words or books(smritis) instead they are “shrutis” Which means the vast knowledge which is heard,received, experienced and reasoned. Thus, To accept truth through a continuous process of rejecting falsehood every moment to best of one’s abilities in the most sincere manner is Vedic Dharma.

The Vedic Dharma is beautifully described in Yajurveda 1.5:
“O Supreme Force governing the world! You function as per unchangeable laws which remain the same throughout without slightest of deviations. May I also seek inspiration from You to be unflinchingly principled in my life. Thus I resolve to seek truth constantly by eliminating the false from my life every moment to the best of my abilities, intentions and efforts. May I be successful in this noble decision of mine and follow Vedic Dharma till the last breath of mine.”

Further Maharshi Manu had also explained what is Vedic Dharma in Manusmriti 12/106:
“Yat tarkena anushandhante sa Dharmam Vedanetarah”

Meaning That truth which is obtained through reasoning,hypothesis experience and research accept that as Vedas, accept that as Dharma, there is no other ways to Vedic Dharma.

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