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The Opposition is working on a very sinister plot.

Knowing fully well, they cannot defeat Modi and BJP in 2024 Lok Sabha Elections, and knowing fully well, their days will be numbered if they loose, they are working on a very sinister plot.

If Opposition cannot put up a combined strength to rout BJP and Modi, and place their own PM, they have started working on a second line of action.

If not PM Post, why not the Presidents Post ??

The opposition is putting up their combined strength to put up a very senior, well supported by all parties, as their candidate for President’s election.

Once they get their own President, the same can put a spanner in entire functioning of the Government.

The President will stall and send back each and every bill passed by the Lok Sabha and Raja Sabha.

He will literally stop all Government functioning, till the Government buckles and comes to their knees.

And force the Government to reverse all decisions not favourable to the opposition.

The President will negotiate with the Government to drop all cases against corrupt ministers, by virtually bringing entire Government machinery to halt.

And force Government to withdraw CAA, Citizenship Act, 370 etc etc which are unfavourable to the opposition.

The Common candidate who will be supported unanimously by all Opposition parties is Sharad Pawar. Sharad Pawar is gearing up to stand for the post of President.

And the Master Stretigist Prashant Kishor has been put on for the job, under direct guidance and supervision by Mamta Banerjee.

After his recent grand success in WB polls, the combined opposition is looking at him to deliver.

Presently the seats in Vidhan Sabha are favourable to the opposition. With recent victory at West Bengal, the scale has tilted in favour of the opposition.

To get their own President selected.

Only hope for BJP is to get good number of seats in UP Elections.

If they get thumping majority in UP, they have the numbers to get a President of their choice.

If they do not get desired seats in UP, they will have a very tough time against a combined opposition, who will be supported by Congress, NCP, Shiv Sena, Akhilesh Yadav’s Samajwdi party, Laloos RJD, Mamta Banerjee, Kejriwal’s AAP, Akali Dal, DMK, CPI, CPM, Chandrababu’s Telgu Desem and all other Laloo Panjoos.

With a strong base of MLCs in opposition ruled states, the opposition has good chance of getting their choice of President elected.

Only hope is Bijoo Patnaik of Orisa may not join the opposition and May support BJP in Presidential Elections. To wait and watch.

BJP has to be very careful next few months, to garner all possible support from small region parties so that their strength in Sate Vidhan Sabha is good enough to defeat combined opposition, with or without UP Seats.

If BJP looses the Presidential race, then even with a 400 seats and thumping victory in 2024 Lok Sabha elections will not help them run the Government, if they dont have their own President.

Very frightening period ahead for the Country.

And knowing all this, the Opposition is leaving no stone unturned to ensure getting their supported candidate gets elected as the next President of India.


GOD save India from these vultures…!!🙏🏻🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳,

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