Truth and Conspiracy behind Farmers Protest.

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So Greta, Rihanna and Meena Harris may have exposed the international conspiracy of the Farmers agitation.

But lets understand what is unnerving the global seasoned politicians to react in absolutely childish ways.

The story starts post-Covid ( Here is the timeline).

  1. India became the pharmacy to the world during the early months of the pandemic.
  2. India then makes its intentions clear to become the manufacturing workshop for all global corporations in China.
  3. This irks China which gets into skirmishes with India in Galvan and Doklam. China army’s weakness stands exposed in relation to India.
  4. India becomes part of the Quad to take on China on the high seas. China encircled right from the southern islands of Japan through the South China Sea and right up to the Indian Ocean
  5. With India’s Chanakya Niti, CPEC is relegated to almost becoming an abandoned project leaving China gasping for a sea outlet.
  6. So China upstages the democratic government of Myanmar and replaces it with a military regime. Here China already has an established economic corridor which gives it access to the Bay of Bengal.

Now India does not get directly involved in this. The US and UN are already active on the issue.

  1. Pakistan is all ready to implode into 5 countries. It’s all a matter of time. Balochistan, Gilgit, and Baltistan will emerge soon. Khyber Pashtun is full of ultras and radicals and they will easily break away. This will leave Pakistan only with Sindh and Punjab. Sindh will be the last one to break away.

This, Modi would have achieved without firing a single bullet.

  1. India displays its economic might by bringing Malaysia to its knees. Sanctions against Malaysia for supporting the axis of evil (being created by Turkey and Pakistan) has knotted Malaysia falling all over herself to amend the situation.
  2. Nobody thought that Article 370 would ever be lifted. Modi-Shah have demonstrated their iron will in bringing it to fruition and establishing democracy in the Kashmir valley through elections and economic activity.
  3. The open banning of Chinese apps, limiting Chinese purchases of Indian assets, and raising duties on Chinese goods is clearly hitting the Chinese where it hurts.
  4. Today Brahmos & Tejas, indigenously developed weaponry systems, are on the radar of many countries. India joins an elite club of defense fighter jet manufacturers and that too in a very short period of time.

At the recently held Aero show in India, we stunned the world with our advanced capabilities in developing a drone system that in combination with Tejas presents new ways of carrying out dog fights.

And now India is fast emerging as a competitive low-cost defense player.

  1. India’s Covid vaccine has captured the world’s imagination, both with its safety and efficacy and low-cost economics. With 184 countries in the queue to get their share, the vaccine diplomacy is working wonders and winning new friends for India globally.

What’s more, by denying Pfizer permission for emergency use of its covid vaccine in India, it has sent a strong message to the powerful Big Pharma lobby and USA.

One is sure they are seething in frustration that a novice India has taken on their global might.

Further, India ensure that 29 countries got the Vaccine within a month if it’s production.

  1. India’s Union Budget 2021-22 is the icing on the cake. It has the potential to catapult India into a new growth orbit.

All these above pointers are, needless to say, the envy factor for the globe. And more so for our arch enemies Pakistan and China.

The frustration and situation of helplessness are felt not only in the global foes but also within the country and in the opposition camp.
The systemic destruction of a clueless opposition has them panicking.

This panic is further amplified when all of the global leftists, liberandus, presstitutes, jihadi organizations, and arch enemies Pakistan and China come together to challenge Modi.

Yes, the Farmers Agitation will create some more ripples. As every 29 and 19 year cycle has brought challenges to our motherland.

However this time the cycle will invert and we will have India rally to a golden future. Modi will raze the entire coalition of evil.

For in today’s times, leaders are aplenty. But there are very few statesmen of stature and understanding that Modi has.

Don’t fret on this Farmer’s agitation. It’s a seasonal cold. It can get severe. But just like the Covid, its time will run out too.,

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