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Unknown facts from the Ramayana

Unknown facts from the Ramayana

Unknown facts from the Ramayana

On the last day of the war in Ramayana…

The vanquished Ravana lying on the ground, groaning in pain, awaiting his death.

Rama calls his brother Lakshmana.

Lakshmana, the ever obedient brother says “Yes brother, what do I have to do.”

Dear Lakshmana, for all his faults, Ravana is still a great man, very learned and full of wisdom.

A great Shiva Bhakta, a benevolent Chakravati, Singer, Musician, Expert in Veena, knows the Vedas by heart.

Go to him, pay your respects and request him to share his learning before he departs from this world.

Lakshmana immediately proceeds to the ground where Raavana is lying and stands near his head.

Hearing the footsteps and recognising that Lakshmana is standing near his head, Ravana keeps quiet.

Lakshmana waits for a long time and then returns frustrated to Rama.

Rama, the all knowing, smiles and says…

Lakshmana, when you go to someone for learning, you have to stand at their feet, not sit besides their head.

Lakshmana goes back and stands near Ravana’s feet.

Looking at Lakshmana, Ravana now smiles and welcomes him.

He asks Lakshmana to come near him so that he can whisper in his ears.

Says Ravana, I will teach you the 4 most important things which all must follow to be successful :

  1. Don’t get hooked to Whatsapp and waste your precious time believing every story on it.
  2. Dont send video files more than 3 MB and waste people’s time. They don’t have that much time to squander.
  3. Don’t squabble with friends on social media especially on politically motivated topics and spoil your mood and relaionships.
  4. Do not talk about the Budget whether it’s 2021 or 2022 because the Govt will again make a fool of you.


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