Watch: Popular Afghan singer Sharafat Parwani’s emotional song about homeland goes viral

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As thousands of people have been evacuated by the United States and other countries from the war-torn country Afghanistan, a video of pain and despair is currently going viral. A popular Afghan singer Sharafat Parwani can be seen singing about his homeland and Afghans’ agony in a video that is making headlines.

The clip was shared by New York Times reporter Sharif Hassan on his social media handle on 29 August. In the video, Parwani can be seen sitting on metallic stairs with a few fellow men around him. In his post, Hassan explains the lyrics of the song that Parwani is captured singing in the video.

“You’re tired of anguish, my homeland. You’re without song and melody, my homeland. You’re pained but without medicine, my homeland,” he explains. Meanwhile, Parwani is currently somewhere in the United States, either at a refugee camp or a military base, as per Hassan.

Watch the video below:

The song that Parwani sings in the video seems to be a sad melody where he is expressing himself longing for homeland. As he continues to sing, few fellow men are seen clapping and humming with him. Further in the video, Parwani is seen reaching out to the metallic shutter beside him and begins striking it with his fingers in a way that produces a sound that matches his song.

As the video went viral, social media users express sympathy with him (singer) and the Afghan people who had to run from their own country. Many in the comment section stated that despite not being unable to understand the language, they can still feel the sadness in the song.

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