5 foods for eye health to include in your kid’s diet as their screen time goes up during the pandemic


Screentime has always been a worrisome topic for most parents. And the pandemic has only just added to the concern. With nowhere to go, the only easy option kids are left with is playing games and watching cartoons online. And the burden of online classes just add up to their increased screen time. The time kids used to spend on outdoor activities is now spent watching TV or mobile phones.

As per reports, the eye specialist consultations have gone up during the pandemic because of the increased screen time.

However, the good news is that your child’s diet can play an important role in keeping his/her eyes healthy. Here is a list of five foods that you must include in your kid’s diet for healthy eyes.

While as adults we understand the importance of eating healthy but it’s tough to convince kids to eat healthy, especially if they are fussy eaters.

Here is a list of five interesting and nutritious foods that are good for eye health.


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