5 oldest recipe books from India and their amazing content


“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.” The quote by 19th century English writer, Virginia Woolf, depicts the place food holds in our lives. Food is the path to know the culture, tradition and practices of a civilization or a place. Different places all over the world have a particular dish to offer that just blows anyone’s mind away. Also, food helps in forming very powerful memories that stay with us throughout our lives.
Food, being necessary to survive, has a history of its own. Talking in the Indian context, food is the center point of the country’s past and present. Food culture in India is very rich and exquisite. There have been recipes that were a part of the royal kitchen and could still be found. The reason behind this is the practice of the royal cooks to document their recipes. Many kings and queens had their own recipe books that got passed on from generation to generation, thus keeping the recipes alive. These recipe books opened up a window to a plethora of dishes and cuisines for the contemporary chefs to improvise and modernize. Here is a look at some of the oldest recipe books in India.


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