5 smart ways to deal with your teen’s anger


Teenage behaviour is quite unpredictable. Their mood swings sway in all directions, from happiness and loneliness to irritation and anger, teens go through a number of emotions. During this time, they might develop a low temperament level which can be easily triggered by even small issues. In such a scenario, it is the parents who have to deal with the situation in a careful manner. Here are some effective tips you can use to deal with your teen’s angry behaviour.

Don’t scold or beat

Scolding or beating an already angered teenager can add fuel to the fire. In situations like these, you must spare the rod and let them let their anger out at once. Either talk to them separately or enquire a while later, regarding what irritated him. This way you’ll be able to circle out some main points which triggers or irritates your teen on a frequent basis.

Stop fulfilling every demand

Often spoiled teenagers get angry when their demand is not fulfilled. In order to prevent this situation you must not give them everything they want. This habit needs to be inculcated from the very beginning. As a kid, your child needs to understand that he won’t get everything he demands served on a silver platter.

Listen to them
If your teens keeps to himself and seldom opens up to you, it is time to talk to him. Listen to what he has to say and understand what triggers his anger. Assure him that he can confide in you whenever he wants, which might help him open up to you. Use different tricks and ways to keep anger at bay, be it meditating together or stopping your teen, the moment he raises his voice at you.

Know when to walk away

As a parent, you need to know when to walk away from a heated argument. This will not only calm your kid down but also give you space to cool off. You can later bring the topic up or ask your teen for justification regarding his behaviour.

Set anger limit

A little bit of scolding is necessary to tame the kid but make sure you know when is the right time to scold. Set anger limits and don’t go overboard with it. Frequent rebuking can make them prone to your scolding and they won’t value anything you say.

With a mix of everything at the right time, you can easily deal with your kid’s anger issues and also solve them.


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