A doctor explains why self-care shouldn’t be optional for moms


Moms work round the clock, from taking care of their little ones, managing chores as well as work, being a mom is a hard enough task.

A US-based survey conducted found out that nearly 78% of moms put off, or ignore taking care of their own needs for the sake of their family’s needs. We have seen our moms and grandmoms do the same. Attending to 10 different things does take a lot of time but not carving out some time for yourself is not the healthiest habit, mamas, especially in the lockdown, when you might be juggling more than one job at once.

Without any help, moms, especially in the first year postpartum can suffer from postpartum issues as well as find it difficult to have a healthy lifestyle, which can make them susceptible to problems. World Health Organisation (WHO), too, in its latest mental health guidelines has issued that self-care and being kinder to yourself should be a priority for everyone in this pandemic and that includes mothers as well.

Dr. Aruna Muralidhar, an obstetrician and gynaecologist adds that the most common problems she observes in young mothers relate to nutritional deficiency, irregular habits, hormonal disturbances and stress. She shares some easy ways in this video on how mothers can carve out a little me-time for themselves and take care of their health.

-Moms tend to not pay attention to what they are eating and end up having leftovers from their kids’ plates. Having a regular, nutritious diet is just as important post having a baby just as it is while you are pregnant.

-Do not ignore exercise. Staying physically active in any form can help you stay fit and manage pains and aches, and other lifestyle conditions as well. Include some kind of exercise in your routine. Yoga or regular walking can help destress.

– It is also important to take care of your emotional well-being. Pick up a hobby, meditate, do breathing exercises or any activity which helps you fight the daily hustle-bustle and stress.

-Do not ignore your health. Only when you will be in a good shape mentally, socially and physically, will you be able to take care of those around you.

Remember, taking time out for yourself, being selfish about your own mental health isn’t a luxury but something you should be doing for your own good.


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