Air pollution: Tips to protect your newborn from ghastly air pollution


Just as lethal bad air quality is for adults, the same risks exist for the little ones. According to research, air pollution caused over 1.16 lakh infant deaths last year, and makes babies vulnerable to suffering long-term health effects. A WHO study from 2016 found out air pollution problems caused over 5,43,000 under the age suffered from lethal consequences- which ranged from respiratory infections, impaired cognitive development and lifelong problems.

Not just that, air pollution has also been linked to pre-term births and low birth-related weight problems.

In fact, you will be surprised to learn that it’s not just the air outside that’s hazardous for infants and young children. There can be too many pollutants hiding in your home, making the air you and your loved ones breathe poor. Hence, there are measures you should be taking to let your precious little ones breathe safely. Here are some expert-recommended tips you can follow:


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