Coronavirus: How COVID-19 could age the brain by 10 years, explained


Even though COVID-19 starts off as a respiratory infection, it can have far-reaching consequences for your vital organs, including the brain.

A smaller study done on 509 patients, which has been published in the Annals of Clinical and Transitional Neurology observed similar results. As per the report, 215 patients had developed neurological manifestations at the onset of the disease, 315 patients during hospitalization and 419 patients during the course of the disease.

The researchers found that the most common neurological manifestations of the disease included myalgia (44.8 per cent), headaches (37.7 per cent), 31.8 per cent had encephalopathy, 29.7 per cent observed dizziness, 5.9 per cent had dysgeusia (distorted sense of taste), and 11.4 per cent of the patients suffered from anosmia (loss of smell).


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