Hina Khan’s father blocks all her debit and credit cards; the actress is in utter shock and screams, ‘You blocked all my cards, kyun?’


Hina Khan and her father keep exchanging funny conversations with each other, and she shares their lovely camaraderie on social media for her fans to watch. This time, Hina’s Instagram story mentions that her father has blocked all her debit and credit cards.

In the videos shared by Hina Khan, her father is seen arranging the bedsheet cover. She tells him that she has no debit or credit cards. To which, her father says that he has blocked all her cards. Hina is in a state of shock and asks “You blocked all my cards, kyun?”

Her father is heard saying that this is the lockdown period, and we should save money. Hina’s father adds that the period of lockdown is still on and “You should be saving money.” Like a little child, she is heard asking, “You can’t be blocking all my cards. How do I shop? And what if I want to buy coffee?”

He says, “I will give you Rs 200 for the coffee, and you can take cash from me.”

Hina insists that he return all her cards, her father gives her a strict NO. He says, “You will not be getting your cards.”

Hina Khan and her father’s videos are very entertaining, and their banter surely brings smiles to her fans’ faces. During the initial phases of the lockdown period, Hina and her father would share their morning ‘sehri’ conversation on social media, how her dad is still afraid of her mother, and many such fun-loving videos.

Hina is totally her daddy’s little girl.

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