HISTORICAL FACTS & Congress Blunders which people don’t remember

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When the terrorist, Yasir Arafat, declared the nation of Palestine against Israel, who was the first country to recognize Palestine?

Saudi Arabia- No
Pakistan- No
Afghanistan- No
Iraq- No
Turkey- No

Secular India! Yes

Indira Gandhi first recognized Palestine for Muslim appeasement, and also Nehru Peace Prize to a terrorist like Yasir Arafat, and Rajiv Gandhi gave him Indira Gandhi International Peace Prize!

More astounding

Rajiv Gandhi gave him a Boeing as gift to roam around the world!

The same Arafat, described Kashmir as “an integral part of Pakistan” in the OIC (Organization of Islamic Countries), and the terrorist said that “whenever Pakistan wants, my fighters will fight for the freedom of Kashmir!”

And now Congis teach foreign policy to this govt.

Dr Gaurav Pradhan

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