How to manage work from home


With the ongoing pandemic and its consequence impact on all aspects of our lives, a major change in our daily functioning is in terms of our work routine. With the implementation of the lockdown, a lot of our working routine shifted to a mode of working from home. Depending on the nature of the work or profession, the home environment, the individual’s flexibility in adjusting working style, and many other factors, such changes are likely to have had a diverse range of ramifications, not just on the working professional, but on the work, employers as well as other family members involved in the situation.

The following are some of the points that should be kept in mind to help making this experience of working from home more efficient and less stressful:

1. Redefine work-life balance.

While this might be challenging enough during our previous routines, achieving such a balance while working from home assumes a new definition and meaning now! Making sure that your worktime is free from distractions in the background, ensuring that you switch off from the laptop/screen and have some digital detox, and some free time each day, while also fulfilling your responsibilities towards the home!

2. Sharing of responsibilities.

Be it at the workplace or within the home, it’s important to have roles and responsibilities identified, clearly demarcated, and shared. No one individual can be expected to do most of the work, therefore make an effort to train and delegate, and share the burden.

3. Create a designated space and time for work from home.

Even if you do not have an actual office or workplace to go to, its essential for you to have a designated workspace at home, which should be clutter free, so you can focus well at work, and then move away from that work space when its time to spend with the family. It also helps children and other family members remember not to disturb you when you are at your designated workstation at home.

4. Socialize with each other.

In case both partners are working, it’s important to take out time as a couple for yourselves, to allow yourselves to spend time together, participating in activities together. In fact, this is a good opportunity to make use of this time to engage in activities together to improve your bond with each other as well as family members. For instance, allow children to bond with grandparents at this point of time!

5. Rely on a strong social support system.

Just because we are socially distancing ourselves doesn’t feel you isolate yourself from your support system. Not just at home, but also at work, make sure you reach out to your colleagues and peers, and share your experiences, thoughts and feelings not just about work!

6. Create (and implement) plans and deadlines.

Working from home could make an individual either under or overprotective. Therefore, it’s important to set realistic goals, both for household chores and work tasks, delegate responsibilities to be shared, and also set realistic timelines to achieve them.

7. Have a weekend!

It is common for a lot of us who are immersing ourselves so much in work from home, that often we may lose track of the day of the week, as all days seem to be the same! Therefore, break the monotony, and make sure you have a different set of routines for your weekends, as opposed to your workdays. You could also make use of this opportunity to pick up some old hobbies or learn some new skill sets.

8. Ensure you take out time for yourself.

In the process of working from home and striving to maintain a balance between work and home, don’t forget an important aspect of taking care of your own self. Make sure to take out some time solely for your own self, yourself care, and do things that you enjoy, and which help you relax or feel rejuvenated.

The article has been authored by Dr. Samir Parikh- Director , Department of Mental Health and Behavioural Sciences and Fortis National Mental Health Program


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