If he’s a bad texter, he’s probably great for you. Here’s why


No one likes a bad texter. Some of us are really low on patience and we tend to judge a person just because they reply late or don’t know how to make great conversations over texts. Ladies, this one’s specifically for you. Think to yourself, does a bad texter really mean he’s a bad guy for you? There are reasons why a bad texter can actually be the best guy for you and we’ve listed them below for you.

– You’ll have his undivided attention when you two are together. He won’t be peeping into his phone every now and then because he simply doesn’t get many texts.

– You won’t ever have to panic when your phone dies on you when you’re with him. You can simply use his phone (because a person who doesn’t spend much time texting, definitely saves up on a lot of phone battery)

– He won’t text while driving, so you can be at ease on your long drive dates and even otherwise.

– He will have a lot of things to tell you over calls or face to face because he doesn’t believe in texting almost everything out.

– He has better control over conversations in real life than on texts and that’s a hundred times better for your relationship.

– You never have to worry about him texting other girls or sliding into someone’s DMs because he hardly ever texts you, let alone other girls.

– He’s a lot more lively, a lot more fun and a great listener face to face than on messages.

– He’s got all the extra time to actually spend with you over video calls and meeting you in person than spend half a day texting or being on the phone.

– Your relationship will flourish in real life with better memories than on the phone via long texts and sending photos to each other.

– And last but not the least, he won’t ever stalk you through Location Sharing because he’s never learned how to use it. A person who doesn’t like texting mostly isn’t bothered about the features of it either.


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