Is FOMO keeping us away from real happiness?


In the cab, as I approach work each day, I wonder what is it that would make me happier. A promotion, a new job, a pay raise, a few days off work, or perhaps a holiday to some distant land?

My days at work are so mundane and I approach it as, ‘okay, 5 days to go for the weekend’. On Friday, I’m elated about the coming weekend but it passes by in a flash. After all, all I’ve done in those two days are some laundry and lots of ‘Netflix & chill’! Days of reading are long past and each hour wasted watching some drama, I feel so guilty for not having learnt anything. Come Sunday afternoon (or evening) and I’m already drowning in Monday blues. So is this it? Is this a vicious cycle I’m never going to get out of?

Perhaps, my mind or, maybe, my life has become so greedy that I cannot stop looking for happiness not in the moment but in the ‘next thing’. Most of us are always looking forward to something else, instead of enjoying the ‘just’ acquired success, we are always thinking and worrying about ‘what’s next’.

Has this something to do with trending posts breaking the Internet showing people always up to something? There’s a major Fear of Missing Out or FOMO, as it is popularly called these days, that most of us deal with. There’s always an urge to buy the latest offerings (because hey, I can afford it!) and then later dealing with that guilt (because hey, I could have done without it, I did not need it).

Lost in thoughts, I glance at the clock that says it’s 4:00 PM Sunday and I’m like ‘oh, not again’!

—By Neha Jain


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