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Learn how Astrology can help you overcome depression

Learn how Astrology can help you overcome depression


Depression is a widely rolled out mental disorder which gradually makes person isolated from the outer world and also have negative impact on physical health also. Accumulation of very small anxiety issues, being anxious, lack of self-confidence, failure in relationships, mood swings and panic attacks may result into depression after certain period of time. Mood, emotions, and nature are the main factors affecting this situation. All of these factors are controlled by transition of planets, constellations and other heavenly bodies till certain extent and hence we must draw attention to it.
Our mind and soul are controlled by the Moon, Mercury and the Sun and their position in unpleasant house like sixth, eighth and twelfth may lead to mental instability and internal chaos of our mind. Our sentiments are governed by Moon and hence it should not cross paths with detrimental and baneful planets like Saturn, the Sun, Rahu and the Mars and neither should it be placed alone in any house. Here are some tips and ensured astrological remedies to help you cope with depression and anxiety:
I suggest you to consult astrologer detailed attention if your Moon is placed between Rahu and Ketu.
Every planet has its colour and likewise Silver is the colour of Moon. Anxiety caused by weakening of Moon can be cured if you drink water from silver utensils.
As our Astro friend Chirag recommends, wearing a Moon stone reaps good results in curing mental instability and emotional uneasiness.
As you everyone might know how Lord Shiva is correlated to the Moon and therefore, I suggest you to chant ‘Om Namah Shivay’ 108 times and read Shiv Chalisha every day.
Moon is concord of personality and psyche and it has to be fed with prosperity and to do so, we advise you to wear silver ornaments.
We also suggest you to offer Dudh Abhishek and Jal Abhishek to Shivling every morning as it will benefit your mental health.
Mother’s horoscope has inclined effects on child’s horoscope and Moon is known as mother in the horoscopes therefore it’s our due advice to have good relationship with your mother. If your mother has passed away, you can share that bond with any elderly woman and can gift her clothes or flowers, feed her sweets on Mondays.
I would also recommend you to ask your astrologer for remedies to strengthen your fifth house as it will strengthen your emotional and intellectual ability.
Apart from this, our very own Astro Friend Chirag has come up with crystals and stones which can help you battle anxiety, anxiousness and depression:

  1. Bronzite, also known as stone of focused energy will deviate your mind towards positive thinking and align your thinking process.
  2. Pink Oval, the healer stone will help you overcome traumas, emotional wounds and will help you reduce anger and centre your energies towards forgiveness.
  3. Amethyst, it helps you develop positive intuitions and helps in mental cleansing process. It is impacted with energies of third eye chakra.
  4. Tiger’s eye, this gemstone helps to mend our emotional disconnections.
  5. Yellow Quartz, it regulates your decisive abilities, and most importantly it increases the feeling of self-worth which is one of the most important factors which helps to cure depression.

Depression and anxieties are issues which need to be brought in limelight and cured.
Healthy Mind leads to healthy lifestyle.
— By Astro Friend Chirag – Blessed Son of Astrologer Bejan Daruwalla


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