Migratory bird collapses due to heat, rescued in Delhi | Delhi News


The glossy Ibis

NEW DELHI: A young ‘glossy Ibis’ was rescued from the Prime Minister’s residence on Friday after it collapsed due to severe heat exhaustion and dehydration, forcing security personnel near the reception area to call wildlife rescue NGO – Wildlife SOS.
The bird, Plegadis falcinellus, belongs to the ibis family and is a migratory species. They are widely distributed across the world and inhabit wetlands, marshes and agriculture lands.
Delhi has had severe heatwave conditions over the last week, causing birds and animals to suffer dehydration. Security personnel stumbled upon the bird near the reception area of the PM House. Suffering from heat exhaustion and dehydration, the bird was unable to fly.
The officials contacted Wildlife SOS. A two-member rescue team came to the bird’s aid. It was given oral rehydration solution and is under observation.

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