My COVID story: It started with my baby developing high fever


Priyanka Khanapure was excited about ringing in her son’s birthday with close family but his sudden fever followed by their testing positive put a damper on their original plan. Here she shares her COVID story.

15th August was fast approaching and my husband and I were very excited to celebrate our baby’s first birthday. However, keeping the pandemic in mind, we decided to have a low-key celebration just with grandparents and my brother, his wife and their kid.

Come 12th August, my baby was down with fever out of nowhere. He was completely fine when he woke up and in the next hour he was down with a fever of 102 F. His pediatrician said that it could be due to weather change but asked us to keep monitoring his condition. We started with his medicines and with a heavy heart cancelled all celebrations as a precautionary measure.

On 14th August, I developed a mild fever. Panic had begun to set in because we had taken all the precautionary measures and still there was a lingering doubt. My husband then reported that he could not smell or taste anything and that’s when we decided to get tested immediately.

By now our baby’s birthday was in isolation and I had just made something sweet at home to celebrate it. A joyous day went in serious tension. On 17th August, all three of us tested positive and since we di any serious symptoms we were in home quarantine.

We all started with our multivitamins. From the 2nd day of getting our results, none of us had any fever but I started losing my sense of smell and taste. I was really worried about my baby but he started playing again pretty soon and even took his first steps amidst our quarantine.

Looking after him and doing the house chores kept us lightly active and thanks to our family who took the effort of dropping food outside our doorstep, we had a stress free quarantine.

We regularly monitored our oxygen levels, took steam and drank hot water and continued eating healthy home-cooked meals. We were completely okay by the 5th day of our results coming out, and continued to isolate ourselves till the quarantine period was over.

Though COVID-19 is an extremely scary disease we realized it was important to stay healthy and ensure that none of us panicked. We even got to spend a lot of quality time with each other and enjoyed our time with our little one who has now become a toddler. His birthday couldn’t be celebrated the way we wanted it to be, but it sure turned out to be a one that we would never forget.


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