Myths about toners that you should stop believing


Toners these days aren’t the ones that cause redness, drying and have astringent liquids. In fact, they skip the alcohol and combine advancing brightening as well as soothing ingredients that add balance, hydration and calmness to your skin. Here are some toner myths that you need to get rid of right now!

– Toners are very drying: If you pick a toner without drying alcohols, it can be quite balancing and moisturising. There are many varieties of good toners that are available these days that you can pick from. If you are used to the tight, tingly feeling that toners cause, it’s because of the alcohol that strips away the skin’s moisture which ruins the skin’s pH levels. This, in turn, causes oiliness in the long run as the lack of moisture and hydration can cause the skin to overcompensate.

– If you use a cleanser, you can skin a toner: Toners are meant for an in-between step after you clean and before you treat your skin with other products like serums and moisturisers. A toner can do what a cleanser might not completely be able to do. It can take off any oil, dirt, pollution or bacteria that are left behind on your face. It’s more like double-cleansing. Toners shouldn’t be used as an alternative to cleanser because it doesn’t have the emulsifying properties that cleansers have.

– Toners are harsh astringents: Toners can actually be a safe and effective way to wash off dead skin cells without causing inflammation. Instead of using abrasive scrubs on your skin, you can use a toner as a gentler chemical exfoliator to just remove the upper layer of your skin. Salicylic acid or a glycolic acid toner works wonders if you need to control excessive oil on your skin. For older skin, use a polyhydroxy acid toner. For dry skin, a lactic acid-based toner will help calm the skin down and also hydrate it.

– Toners shrink the pores: Pores aren’t at all like doors that open and shut, so you can’t practically shrink them or change the size. Your pores, however, are likely to be stretched out when they’re clogged. So clean pores look smaller and more refined. This is where the role of toner comes in. The acid-based toners are able to improve cell turnover and absorb into them to clear out the dirt, makeup and oil residue.

– Toners can’t be used on sensitive skin: Toners are lightweight and so they penetrate pretty well into the skin to really get the job done. If you have sensitive skin, look for toners that have calming ingredients. Pick ingredients like chamomile and panthenol in your toner. These kinds of toners will balance the pH levels and hydrate your skin. They can be used twice a day if needed. Other calming ingredients in a toner include glycerin, aloe vera and rose water.


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