Nagpur policeman pays fine for auto driver who turned up with money from son’s piggy bank

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Even in the midst of despair and chaos, good things can still happen. A senior police inspector, Ajay Malviya, paid an auto driver’s challan after realising that the auto driver had taken money from his son’s piggy bank to pay the fines.

The incident occurred in Nagpur and was shared by the Nagpur City Police on social media.

The auto driver, identified as Rohit Khadse, was fined Rs 200 for reportedly parking his vehicle in a no-parking zone. Due to earlier unpaid fines, the total challan amount equaled Rs 2,000. Khadse’s auto was confiscated until he could pay the money.

As the sole earning member of his family, there was immense pressure on Khadse to free his vehicle. He stared at a loss of income and financial crisis if he failed to do so.

His son approached Khadse with this piggy bank, asking him to take the money. When he broke the bank, the family was stunned to realise that the amount was around Rs 2,000. Since Khadse did not have enough money himself, he was forced to take the coins stored in the piggy bank to the police. However, the police refused to accept the coins.

Khadse then went to Malviya to plead his case, requesting the auto to be returned. Malviya noticed the bag of coins in Khadse’s hands and asked about it. Once he heard the story, Malviya was so moved that he returned the boy’s money and paid the fine out of his own pocket.

The Nagpur City Police later shared pictures of the Khadse family with Malviya. The inspector’s good deed was praised by people on social media, with many calling it “a perfect example of humanity”.

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