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PCMC on track in fighting coronavirus, says civic chief; not enough, counter locals | Navi Mumbai News

PCMC on track in fighting coronavirus, says civic chief; not enough, counter locals | Navi Mumbai News


NAVI MUMBAI: While the Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation (NMMC) is trying to pull up its act together with a range of measures, the Panvel City Municipal Corporation (PCMC) has been struggling in its fight against Covid-19. On paper, the civic body seems to be doing everything right in its fight against Covid, however on ground it is not doing enough hamstrung by lack of manpower, while as many as 42 PCMC staffers have tested positive so far.
The current total PCMC staff strength is 650. The civic body claims to have a contact tracing ratio of 1:30. owever, a 47-year-old Kharghar resident, who tested positive last month, says not a single PCMC staffer visited his house to check on his family members, while his eight-year-old daughter tested positive later. Another relative of the Covid positive patient tested positive and, in this case, too, no PCMC staffer reached out to them, except for enquiries on the phone.
As part of measures to speed up testing, the PCMC claims to be conducting about 300 antigen tests daily, which are supposed to deliver results in half an hour. But, residents have been forced to wait for more than 12 hours for test reports due to staff shortage.
PCMC commissioner Sudhakar Deshmukh points out, “We have the highest tracking rate in the whole of MMR. There can be one or two exceptions. Besides, people too are responsible for filing wrong information, including wrong addresses and phone numbers. How are we expected to track them?”
On delays in providing test reports, Deshmukh says there was a problem in uploading test reports on ICMR site. “What can we do, if the reports are not uploading. Now we are going to start giving certificates to those undergoing tests.”
The civic body has also been at the receiving end over complaints about negligence and apathy in treatment of Covid patients at MGM hospital in Kamothe, which the PCMC has tied up with for Covid treatment. In two instances over the last three months, patients have pulled out ventilator tubes and later died, while in another incident, a patient admitted to the hospital escaped. Last week, the son of a senior citizen, who was admitted with symptoms, complained that he was attended to by a doctor only after more than 12 hours.
Responding to this, Deshmukh said, “As an administrator, I cannot get into clinical matters. There should be ample proof about any wrongdoing in treatment. The hospital and PCMC staffers are doing their best despite challenging circumstances. Initially we were sending patients to Kasturbha hospital. Thereafter, we had to create a facility for treating Covid patients at MGM, as it was the most suitable facility in the Panvel region and it has 250 beds.”
Ranjana Sadolikar of Citizens Unity Forum (CUF) from Kamothe, said, “No civic officials turned up to one of the housing societies in Kamothe node even after they were informed about a positive case for two days. The third day, a sanitation team reached the spot and sanitised the building.”
Kiran Patil, who heads NGO Yuva Prerna Pratisthan, said, “PCMC officials are reluctant to listen to the suggestions of residents and experts, including private medical practitioners in the fight against the virus. Proactiveness is missing among the civic officials.”


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