Pure cow ghee as natural immunity booster and how to make it at home


Instead of buying processed ghee, make ghee at home which is rich in essential nutrients and will provide you with a healthy lifestyle:

To make ghee, collect milk cream/malai in a bowl and freeze. When you have enough malai, take it out of the freezer and allow it to come down at room temperature. Then, add curd to it and let it set overnight. The next day, add the malai to a food processor and add a cup of cold water to it. Whisk the mixture until the butter separates from the milk and collects together. Wash the butter with ice-cold water. When the water becomes clean, stop washing the butter. This is done to wash away milk solids. Then, as we always do, heat the butter in a kadhai on low flame until ghee starts floating on top. Strain the ghee and store in a jar.


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