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NOIDA: The number of Covid-19 patients being admitted in a serious condition has seen a conspicuous rise in recent days at Noida’s two primary Covid-19 care facilities – GIMS and Sharda hospital.
Between March 5, when Noida’s first case was reported, and May 29, the number of Covid-19 patients that needed oxygen support was 60. There were only seven who needed both oxygen and ventilator.
But on Monday (June 8) evening alone, 39 patients were on oxygen support at both hospitals and five on ventilators. Serious patients comprise around 20% of all those with Covid-19 currently under treatment – 94 at Sharda and 90 at GIMS – the highest since the outbreak in percentage terms.
Doctors say a likely reason for cases being detected late is the shift in testing strategy in the third week of May to focus more on symptomatic people.
Official: Cases up, but Noida ready for next few mths
Doctors say more patients seem to be admitting themselves in Noida’s hospitals late. “We can’t explain a direct cause but the cases are definitely coming in late. Most patients already have symptoms by the time they are reported to the hospital. Till about a month ago, we had almost no patient on oxygen. Now, we have about 20 on oxygen, and another four-five who needed ventilator,” said Brigadier Rakesh Gupta (retired), director of GIMS.
Covid-19 symptoms can take time to manifest, from two days after exposure to as long as 14 days. Those infected can also remain asymptomatic. In its most recent assessment of patients in India, the Indian Council for Medical Research (ICMR) found 28% patients were asymptomatic. At the same time, doctors both in India and abroad have seen many instances of Covid-19 patients deteriorating suddenly. They call this silent hypoxia, which happens when a patient’s lungs get infected and blood oxygen saturation levels fall but there are no symptoms. This is why experts have stressed the importance of early detection in treating Covid-19.
In Noida, health department officials say sample collection is now focused on symptomatic people, in line with the testing protocols, unless an asymptomatic person is deemed a “highrisk” contact of a patient.
“According to latest ICMR guidelines, only those with ILI/ SARI (influenza-like illness/severe acute respiratory infection) symptoms need to be tested. So, all those who are testing positive now are already those who have symptoms and require active treatment,” said a senior officer. Noida currently has 221active cases.
Anticipating an increase in the number of serious patients, GIMS ordered 100 more oxygen cylinders on Saturday. Sharda Hospital, which has 200 beds, says it’s focusing on serious cases now at its L2 and L3 wards. An official said their 20-bed ICU for Covid patients is full. The hospital has 19 patients on oxygen and one on ventilator.
“We are only taking serious patients now who need treatment at L2 and L3 wards. Those with mild symptoms are being sent to other centres. Most of the patients we are elderly and those with comorbidities. This number has gone up now,” said Dr Abhishek Deshwal, head of its ICU.
Narendra Bhooshan, nodal officer for handling Covid response in Noida, told TOI, “More cases are coming, but the percentage of serious cases compared to the total number is still less. But we have enough oxygen supply and ventilators. We have no shortage in terms of infrastructure for the next few months.”

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