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In the US, Washington (in the District of Columbia) not a state. It has no Governor. Has only a Mayor.

In Canada, Ottawa does not have a Premier that other provinces have. It is just a municipality.

In Mexico, Mexico City is not a state.

In Australia, the federal capital Canberra does not have a Premier that other states have.

In Brazil, capital Brasilia does NOT even get a Mayor!

In summary: No country would allow a state or province to control the national capital for major affairs like law and order. It just does not work.

So it is natural for India to have Delhi completely under the central government’s control. All Delhi needs is a good Mayor to run the city like most world capitals are run. It was not right that the central government controlled the Delhi police, but the (half) state government was giving prosecution permissions! No investigation would get done well if such impediments are placed.,,

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