Sonu Sood turns relationship guru for a man who wants to seek divorce from his wife


Actor Sonu Sood has been in the news lately for many reasons. His active role as a saviour of hundreds of migrants during the Coronavirus lockdown is not only praiseworthy but inspirational for millions across the country, if not the world. Sonu Sood, who is being heralded as the ‘messiah of the poor’, also turned into a relationship guru for a distressed man who is struggling to keep his marriage up and running during this frustrating period of isolation and lockdown.

A man from Haryana, currently stranded in Guwahati, Assam, wrote on Twitter asking Sonu Sood for his advice. “@SonuSood dear sir I m in Assam Guwhati Want to go haryana rewari my own town no work after lockdown suffering with so many issue even fighting with wife now both decide to take divorce pls mange and send me from Guwhati to Delhi I would be thankful for whole life.”

The busy actor lost no time to share his advice. Sonu Sood requested the man not to fight; he even went a step further and promised to talk to the distressed couple over a video call and take them out for dinner. He said he would do so only if the couple promised to stay together!

As per experts, the lockdown has made couples face some harsh realities and address issues in their relationships that have so far gone unnoticed or have been intentionally ignored. Distance can make or break a relationship; and the narrowing physical distance between couples cooped-up together during the lockdown has proved so. In case you too are facing problems with your spouse or partner, here’s what you need to do.

Communication is the key

We cannot emphasize enough the importance of communication between partners/spouses for a healthy relationship or marriage. However, communication doesn’t mean simply talking without paying any heed to what the other person is trying to say. You also need to be a good listener. A lot of issues can be addressed through effective communication.

Respect each other’s space

The one thing that the lockdown has really threatened to shake is a couple’s respect for each other’s space. Being cooped up inside the house for twenty-four hours a day can be very frustrating. When the partners used to spend time apart and meet at the end of the day, they had something to look forward to and talk about. But the lockdown has made it almost impossible, plus they are invading each other’s space without even realizing it. This can be one of the reasons behind the increasing instances of quibble between couples. Try to spend some time alone and if possible, try doing things that you enjoy without getting your partner involved.

Plan some surprise

One thing that most people are missing in their relationship during these difficult times is an element of excitement. And what could be a better way to add some excitement to your relationship than to plan a surprise. It need not be an elaborate affair but can be something as simple as cooking your partner’s favourite meal and having a candlelight dinner. You can also plan a movie marathon and watch your and your partner’s favourite movies. The idea here is to spend some quality time reminding each other of the love and care you have for each other.


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