The World According To Cocktail Maoists. (TWITTER @NAN_DINI:)

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Anyone in their 20s cannot be sent to to jail for their crimes because they could be vegan, a climate change activist, mummy to a German Shepherd or pregnant.

Once one crosses 70, the State must be benign enough not to incarcerate for past crimes.
Even if politics & ideology pursued through adulthood demanded horrific violence & bloodshed.

The role of middle aged segment is to enable by remaining
safe & secure in their societal positions.
To wring hands, lament & foist their burden of shame on the rest of us.

It’s never in the singular, always in the plural.

Our shame.
Haunt us.
End of the country.
Death of democracy.

If you are an accessory to those who plot,plan, forment unrest, incite terrorism, decimate your countrymen,destroy homes & families under the garb of some misplaced, warped doctrine …at least have the courage to carry your own cross & not clutch at sipper cups & straws! … 82017?s=19,

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