This Buddhist monk’s easy parenting mantra will inspire everyone!


We have all been staying home for over two months now. With schools shut and no recreational activity available, parents are busy coming up with lucrative ways to engage them. From housework, creative projects, games and fun activities and of course, negating their fears, it’s not the easiest for parents to keep their little ones busy in lockdown.

One Buddhist monk from Sikkim, taking care of 14 kids is paving way for parents globally by sharing some words of wisdom. His story is full of positivity and courage and now, his story is making waves on the internet for his inspiring and unique parenting mantra.

The story

Unlike other kids, most of the kids staying in the monastery come from underprivileged backgrounds or have lost their parents. “Some of them have one parent or no parent. They belong to extremely poor families, where survival is the only necessity, and going to school is a luxury,” says Bhutiya, who has been taking care of the kids in an orphanage-hostel since a long while.

As most parents worried about spending less time with their kids, failing to keep them constructively busy, Bhutia, a Buddhist monk is only worried about one basic necessity- and that is keeping them happy.

In an interview, he said that the only emphasis he has is to keep the children away from any kind of stressful incident:

“With children, it is important to feed the body and free the mind. The children don’t go anywhere because of the lockdown. Teachers used to look after them for a few hours of the day earlier, but now the children are running around the house 24×7. ”

What parents can learn from this

During times of uncertainty, kids are amongst the most vulnerable sections. Just as you are prone to feeling scared or anxious, kids too can experience anxiety, with little knowledge about what’s going on. A recent report said that 1 in 5 Chinese kids showed signs of anxiety and depression during the lockdown phase. Globally, too, kids mental health is suffering. Hence, it is up to parents to look for signs of trouble and be there for them.

Bhutia, who has always dreamed of doing his bit for the society has been taking care of young impoverished children since quite a while. With teachers gone, he has also taken on the additional job of educating them, apart from cooking for them.

While Bhutia does admit that children have little access to what’s going on in the world right now, he is happy to see that despite all odds, kids are able to sleep well, eat nutritious food and spend time in nature- he is happy seeing the tiny mischievous ones happy during the pandemic.

Isn’t his story inspirational? Parents, do not forget to give your children a big tight hug today!


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