Home Life Style Try these 8 tips to set the perfect curd at home

Try these 8 tips to set the perfect curd at home

Try these 8 tips to set the perfect curd at home

A cool and refreshing dish in itself, curd is a staple food item of many Indian households. It not only adds to the taste of the meal but also carries a storehouse of health benefits with itself. It is quite easy to set curd at home, as all you require is a tablespoon of curd and a glass of milk. Here are some super easy tips which will help you in setting the perfect curd at home.

Milk type

The secret behind a thick and creamy curd is whole fat milk. Especially during winters, when the temperatures are low, milk type can make or break the curd. Cow milk or buffalo milk, both will give equally good results, when used for making curd.


After adding cultured curd to your milk, use a whisk or a fork to properly mix them together. Usually 1-2 tbsp of cultured curd is sufficient to set a big bowl of curd. Whisking will create froth and ensure that the two ingredients are blended well. Store bought yogurts do not work when used as culture. They give a sticky texture to curd.

Milk shuffling

Take two different bowls and shuffle the milk between them. Pour from one bowl to another at least 6-7 times. This will properly mix the milk and the curd together and also help in better frothing. Milk set after shuffling will start the fermentation process instantly.

Warm temperature

You should always use warm milk to set curd. It should neither be boiling hot nor towards the colder side. While lukewarm milk should be used during summer season, warmer milk will help in setting the curd during winters.

Green chilli effect

Do you know that adding a green chilli to your curd can help it set faster? Just take a clean green chilli which has its stem intact and just drop it in the curd container. You can also just add the green chilli stalk but make sure it doesn’t have chilli seeds stuck to it. Green chillies contain certain bacteria that can help the milk curdle and turn into curd.


While stainless steel will give you the best possible results when it comes to setting curd, you can also use clay or earthen pot for the purpose. Many people also use bone China and ceramic bowls to set it. You can experiment with the options and pick the one which suits you the best.

Warm storage

Once mixed well and poured in the container, curd requires a warm storage to set properly. You can wrap the container with a thick cloth, which will contain the warm of the milk inside. You can also pour some warm water in a big bowl and place your curd container in the bowl to sustain the warmth for long.

Leave untouched

The final step to assure that the curd gets set properly is to leave it untouched. Once placed in a warm place, let it sit for about 6-7 hours. The amount of time taken by curd to set depends on the weather conditions as well.


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