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GHAZIABAD: In Ghaziabad grocery, vegetables and milk are available till 4pm and liquor till 9pm- this is leading to unrest among residents who have questioned administration’s decision. In fact, a shopkeepers’ association in the district protested against administration’s decision by holding placards which read “liquor outlets and business establishments should have one timing.”
“This is ludicrous, they have no problem allowing liquor shops to open till 9pm but when it comes to essential services like milk, vegetables and grocery items we have time restrictions”, said Udit Mohan Garg of Shopkeepers association. “And that is not all we can open shops only for three days in a week on alternate days, this is absurd and we are demanding that we be allowed to open shops till 9pm”, added Garg.
Alok Kumar a resident of Arihant Harmony Apartment said, “I have tweeted to the chief minister and others of district administration’s decision on time restriction, at a time when cities after cities are contemplating on how best we could open shops under unlock 1.0, Ghaziabad administration is refusing to adjust to the changing times.”
Anupam Kumar, a Vaishali resident says “just take a round of the city during evening and it gives a feeling that we are living in a ghost city, it is so deserted, the administration will have to resort to reasoning and allow opening up of shops and markets or else we will be left with no other option than to protest.”
Subhash Chandra while questioning the logic said, “if grocery, vegetable and milk outlet have been assigned timings because the ill-advised administration thinks that it will result in flouting of social distancing norms then it is true with liquor shops also.” “The decision is arbitrary and I even say is draconian because it is causing untold misery to residents”, added Chandra.
Sushma Tyagi said, “during summer we generally go out to buy essentials during evening to avoid heat but when you feel comfortable to go out the shops gets closed.” “We understand that in times like these we require to take tough decisions but how would Ghaziabad administration explain neighbouring Noida’s decision where cases are far more than Ghaziabad” added Tyagi.
Another resident Sanjay Mishra from Shastri Nagar says that “the timing restriction have become counter productive and is not at all serving the intended purpose because what I see is that people throng to shops just before 4pm throwing social distancing norms to wind.”
The Ghaziabad administration in April last had restricted timing for purchase of fruits and veggies and grocery items till 2pm and 4pm respectively.

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