US couple sends $240 invoice to guests for missing their wedding; netizens express support

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In a strange twist of events, a couple from Chicago sent out invoices to their destination wedding and reception guests, who failed to turn up without informing the couple. The duo, identified as Doug Simmons and Dedra McGee, have recently garnered international attention after a social media post of their invoice went viral.

Calling their guests ‘No Call, No Show’, the couple asserted that they would charge the absentee guests $240 (Rs 17,500) for the reception dinner.

Simmons shared the photo of the invoice on Facebook, writing, “it’s gonna look something like this”. Asking people not to get offended when they receive the bill, Simmons wrote that he would be sending it through email and certified mail as well. Check out the post below:

Meanwhile, a note on the invoice informed that it was sent to people because the seats count was confirmed at the wedding reception during the final headcount. Also, the amount on the invoice shows the cost of the individual seats.

The invoice also mentioned that as the guests did not call or inform the couple about their attendance, the amount mentioned is what the guest needs to pay. The expense can be paid via Zelle or PayPal. Moreover, the couple whose wedding took place at Royalton Negril Resort and Spa in Jamaica, have given the guest one month’s time period to pay the amount. Check out his second post below:

According to New York Post, the couple came up with this decision after the guests did not show up at their planned dream wedding. The couple had called and asked every guest at least four times about their arrival and attendance. While speaking to NYP, Simmons said that he had to pay a huge amount of money in advance since this was a destination wedding.

The post on social media attracted both praise and criticism by people across the world. There were many who showed their surprise at the couple’s move while others called it tacky.

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