Watch video: Woman trying to board moving train falls, rescued by co-passengers

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In a shocking incident, a woman passenger who was trying to board a moving train tripped and fell but was saved in the nick of time due to the alertness of co-passengers in Madhya Pradesh’s Indore city. The alert fellow passengers acted at the right time and snatched the woman back from the jaws of death.

The whole chilling incident was captured by the surveillance camera which was installed by the Railway Protection Force (RPF), while the video was shared by news agency ANI on their official Twitter handle.

In the video, a train can be seen leaving the station and gaining speed. Meanwhile, a woman can also be noticed who is trying to board the moving train along with a few more people. As she tries to climb the train which is in motion, she, unfortunately, trips and falls.

Within seconds of her falling, the passengers around her hold her back and pull her away from being dragged under the train. As the passengers help her, a police constable is also seen running towards the woman for immediate help.

Looking at this dangerous scene taking place on the platform, the train is made to halt, while few more people hurriedly jump out of the train to help the woman in need.

“The woman had already kept her luggage in the train and was trying to board the moving train. She tripped and slipped between the train and the platform. Thanks to the alertness of the co-passengers that they pulled her out on time and stopped the train,” Khemraj Meena, Railway Public relations officer (PRO), told ANI.

This is not the first time when such an incident has surfaced over the internet. There have been many similar incidents that made headlines and also warned people to be extra cautious in the vicinity of a moving train.

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