Why did mustard oil become expensive?…know the truth

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We the people of India… were eating government recognized machine oil… in the name of mustard oil since last 30 years…

Modi government has reversed 30 years old decision, so now pure mustard oil has become expensive…

What deception have been done by the parties which have ruled our country…
You will be surprised to know that in the year 1990, VP Singh’s government had issued a notification and through this notification, blending in mustard oil was recognized.

Actually, when the word adulteration is used in a positive way, it is called blending.

But in the name of this blending, a lot of deception was done to the people of India, till now the mustard oil you were eating from the market was 20 percent mustard oil and 80 percent palm oil or other useless things.

But the unfortunate situation was that even after this 80 percent palm oil bottle was being sold as mustard oil, Mobil oil was also being mixed to thicken the mustard oil.

Because palm oil is thin and by mixing mobil oil, it was being thickened like mustard, many fraud people became millionaire billionaires by selling mustard oil for the last 30 years…

But now from June 8, blending oil has completely stopped in the country, palm oil is cheap, so the alleged mustard oil (which was not even mustard) was selling cheap but now pure after the government’s decision to stop blending Mustard oil will be sold so now the prices of mustard oil have increased

Mustard oil was being adulterated the most in the country for the last 30 years, but the Modi government has ordered to stop blending in view of the benefit of the country.

For the last 30 years, due to adulterated mustard oil, the country was suffering in two ways.

First your health was damaged and secondly farmers were suffering because when 20 percent mustard oil is used then due to decrease in demand of mustard oil, farmers will not get the right price for mustard oil nor will their mustard be sold…

But this time there has been a record purchase of mustard in Punjab and Haryana, which is a good sign that palm oil used in adulteration was also being imported from abroad.

Meaning, for 30 years, the governments of India were importing oil containing diseases.

And by facing their losses, they were benefitting foreign countries and one of them had even supported Pakistan on Kashmir.

Now just calculate, suppose that you have to pay 10 thousand rupees more in 10 years than buying pure mustard oil, but if this adulterated mustard oil causes cancer, then directly after 10 years the bill of 15 lakh rupees will explode.

So it is not right to ruin your health. You will be surprised to know that in 2018 itself, all the countries of the European Union have banned palm oil.

By banning palm oil, the Government of India has targeted many targets with one arrow, which is in the interest of the country, so support the government even after consuming a little expensive mustard oil…

Support the country…

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