World Mosquito Day 2021: Theme, history of day and why it is observed

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To raise awareness and alertness about the disease caused by mosquitos, World Mosquito Day is observed annually on 20 August. Despite being very small or tiny in size, mosquitoes are the only predator in history that has lived through centuries and caused death through vector-borne diseases like malaria.

Due to their dangerous illness and disease, mosquitoes are counted among the world’s deadliest that kills around 7 lakh people every year. Moreover, as per a survey of the world’s deadliest animals, mosquitoes have topped the list.

Other than creating awareness, World Mosquito Day remembers Sir Ronald Ross who discovered and exposed the link between female mosquitoes and malaria.

Theme for World Mosquito Day 2021:

This year amid the coronavirus pandemic, the theme of World Mosquito Day 2021 is “Reaching the zero-malaria target”.

History of World Mosquito Day:

In the year 1897, British doctor Sir Ronald Ross discovered that Anopheles mosquitoes (female mosquitoes) are the ones who transmit malaria parasites to humans. These female Anopheles mosquitoes are responsible for spreading the malarial parasite even leading to killing an individual.

This discovery by the British doctor brought a significant impact on the health industry, ensuring humans are safeguarded or prevented by all means. Since this revelation was made, 20 August was established and observed to celebrate the discovery of the link between mosquitoes, humans, and malaria.

As a mark of respect since the 1930s, the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine has been conducting an annual event to commemorate the contributions of Sir Ronald on the finding.

Significance of World Mosquito Day:

This special day is also observed to highlight and focus on the efforts of healthcare officials, NGOs, and others who are related to the field in fighting against the illness caused by malaria. Mostly, awareness is created in people around diseases caused by mosquitoes.

Apart from people dying of malaria, there are nearly 219 million people who are affected by the same worldwide each year, as per recent statistics. Also, malaria is present in more than 100 countries, they mostly affect tropical locations and areas around the world.

Among the many nations, India has become a favourable breeding place for many mosquito species making it the hotspot for diseases like dengue, yellow fever, malaria, and others.

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