World Rhino Day 2021: History and significance of day to create awareness about animal

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World Rhino Day is marked every year on 22 September to create awareness about the different kinds of Rhinoceros species as well as the dangers they face. The day also aims to celebrate all five species of Rhino including greater one-horned, Sumatran, black, white, and Javan Rhinos that are found in Africa and Asia.

With time, Rhinoceros’ have become critically endangered in the wild because people desire their unique horns. Their horns are in huge demand due to their therapeutic qualities which is why this species is on the verge of going extinct unless anything is done to save it.

Currently, World Rhino Day has become and grown to be a global phenomenon, bringing in NGOs, organizations, zoos, and concerned groups from every corner of the world together.


World Rhino Day was first announced by World Wildlife Fund (WWF) – South Africa in the year 2010. It was popularized by two dedicated women, identified as Rhishja Cota and Lisa Jane Campbell. A year after its announcement, World Rhino Day largely grew into an international success and message to the people encompassing both Asian and African Rhinos.

Lisa, who was from Zimbabwe’s Chishakwe Ranch, was already planning to look for collaborators to go ahead with World Rhino Day in 2011. As she searched online for ideas, she came across Rhishja, the founder and creative director of Annamitici, and sent her an email regarding the same.

As the two shared a common goal, they began working towards making World Rhino Day a celebration for all five species of Rhinos. With hard work and dedication, Lisa and Rhishja made it an international success across the globe both offline and online. Henceforth, World Rhino Day has become a global observation and has been observed so far.


This special day plays an important role in creating awareness about these critically endangered species. The day also aims at showing or explaining how they desperately need our help.

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