Worried about your pet’s safety and happiness during lockdown? Here’s what you need to do


There have been reports of pets, especially dogs, being infected with Coronavirus. Although the number of such cases is very negligible, yet the fear of your pet’s safety and happiness is very reasonable. The lockdown has brought our lives to a standstill, and our pets are no exception. With some countries being very strict about their lockdown policies, taking your furry four-legged friend for a walk and exercise might even prove to be very difficult. Also, there is the fear of stores running out of pet food. Under such circumstances, it is quite natural to feel overwhelmed or anxious about your pet’s wellbeing. So here are a few things pet parents can consider if they are spending sleepless nights worried over their pet’s fate during the lockdown.

What are the risks of your pets catching the virus?

Although there have been no widely researched studies on how Coronavirus can transmit to pets or through them, but there are cases of animals catching the virus. It is therefore very important to follow some precautions to keep your pet safe. In case you are taking your dog out for a walk or a run, make sure to avoid contact with another animal or person. Also, wash your hands before and after touching or patting your pet and strictly avoid kissing and hugging your adorable animal friends.

For dog parents: How to keep your canine companion happy and entertained?

We can understand the dilemma of a dog, who is used to outdoor a life, when it is almost under house arrest. As per experts, just like their human companions, dogs too can suffer from depression. And under the current circumstances, lack of exercise and changed routine, it might not come as a surprise for dog parents to find their wards lacking enthusiasm and energy.

In case, you are taking your canine companion out for a walk, make sure to not wander off too far. Avoid interacting with strangers and make sure that your pet does not mingle with other animals. You can give your pet a sponge bath or run a wet towel over its body as soon as you reach home. Also, wash your hands immediately.

To keep your pet entertained, you need to find new ways to play with it. An indoor game of fetch and seek can be a good change. Also, dogs who love learning new tricks, you can utilize the indoor time to teach your pet some new and cool tricks. Keep aside a good amount of time to play with your pet because just like you crave for company, your four-legged friend too can feel lonely if it does not have your attention.

For cat parents: How to keep your pet happy and entertained
Now, cats have very different habits than dogs, and being a cat parent is an entirely exciting experience itself. Unlike dogs, most cats do not adjust too easily to an only-indoor lifestyle. They have the habit of sneaking out, especially in India, where your house has many possible exits like open windows or ventilators. Forcing your cat to stay indoors for long hours can prove to be a challenge as well as bad for your pet’s mental and physical health.

All cats are very particular about cleanliness. They do not like to use a dirty litter tray. Make sure to clean the litter tray regularly. Also, cats can entertain themselves if they have a good scratching surface; get a nice scratching pad/post for your feline companion. With no opportunity to venture outside, a cat can become easily bored. So, keep enough time in hand for your pet and spend some time together.

Whenever you see any symptoms of sickness, rush to your vet without losing any time. Also, stores running out of pet food is not surprising. It will be wise to ration your pet’s food, which means you should refrain from giving them unnecessary treats. Remember, your pet’s happiness lies in your hands, so help them to stay healthy and happy during these testing times


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